155 Beautiful Middle Names for Freya [2024 Ultimate List]

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Picking the first name for your baby is hard enough, but with the addition of a middle name, you may wonder if you’ll ever narrow down your choices.

When I had my daughter after two boys, I had this whole new world of names to choose from, and while I ultimately decided on my grandmother’s name, I thoroughly enjoyed pursuing ‘the best of’ lists.

If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve chosen the beautiful name Freya for your baby girl on the way. I like that when you visualize the name Freya, you picture a sweet, beautiful girl but also someone who is strong and can stand up for themselves.

While Freya isn’t among the top 100 names in the United States for girls, it’s gaining popularity. According to the Social Security Administration, Freya was the 152nd most popular girl’s name in 2021. However, if you flip back the calendar, you’ll see Freya ranked in the 908th place in 2013 when it first appeared on the list.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful name is making the radar of expectant parents, and it will be interesting to see where the next ten years bring it. I always find it fascinating to watch the slow growth in popularity that specific names experience. However, for now, let’s look at the meaning of the name Freya.


Meaning of The Name Freya

Freya is of Scandinavian origin and is from the old Norse word for “lady” or “noble woman.” It is also believed to have come from the old German word frouwa. In addition, the name Freya comes from Nordic tradition, with a nod to Old Norse mythology, as it is the name of the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.

You can find Freya’s mythological roots today as the Danish national anthem pays honor to the goddess Freya. Nicknames you can use for Freya include Fay, Fae, Yaya, Frey, Fray, or Effie.

You might also recognize famous Freyas in history, including American poet Freya Manfred, explorer Freya Stark, Danish singer/songwriter Freya Calusen, and Australian actress Freya Stafford.


75 Best Middle Names for Freya (Listed Alphabetically)

You can settle on the best middle name for Freya in several ways. For example, you may choose to honor a family member or use your middle name for your child. In addition, if someone had a significant impact on your life, you might choose your baby’s middle name to thank them.

Personally, each of my children’s middle names has a special meaning, but that’s not always the case, so don’t feel like you need to use a family name. So, for example, you might fall in love with a name that is nowhere on your family tree, which is completely fine.

You also should consider several factors when choosing a middle name, like how it looks on paper with their first and last name. I also said the full name to ensure it didn’t sound awkward. Remember to consider their initials to avoid a mishap they will have to live with forever.


My favorite middle names for Freya include Alexandra, Celeste, Penelope, and Vivienne. But that’s me, and this is the choice you get to make, so let’s look at the 75 best middle names for Freya.

  • Freya Abigail
  • Freya Adele
  • Freya Adeline
  • Freya Alexandra
  • Freya Amelia
  • Freya Amy
  • Freya Anabelle
  • Freya Andrea
  • Freya Angelina
  • Freya Annette
  • Freya Audrey
  • Freya Bernadette
  • Freya Brianne
  • Freya Caitlin
  • Freya Carolyn
  • Freya Carter
  • Freya Cecily
  • Freya Celeste
  • Freya Christine
  • Freya Colleen
  • Freya Collete
  • Freya Corrine
  • Freya Diane
  • Freya Dorothy
  • Freya Eden
  • Freya Eileen
  • Freya Elena
  • Freya Elise
  • Freya Ellen
  • Freya Emily
  • Freya Estelle
  • Freya Gabrielle
  • Freya Giselle
  • Freya Gretchen
  • Freya Gwendolyn
  • Freya Hazel
  • Freya Heather
  • Freya Helena
  • Freya Isabella
  • Freya Jenna
  • Freya Jillian
  • Freya June
  • Freya Juliet
  • Freya Lily
  • Freya Madeline
  • Freya Magdalene
  • Freya Michelle
  • Freya Molly
  • Freya Mya
  • Freya Nicole
  • Freya Noelle
  • Freya Odette
  • Freya Olivia
  • Freya Penelope
  • Freya Poppy
  • Freya Quinn
  • Freya Rachel
  • Freya Renee
  • Freya Rosalind
  • Freya Rosemary
  • Freya Roxanne
  • Freya Samantha
  • Freya Sawyer
  • Freya Siena
  • Freya Simone
  • Freya Sophia
  • Freya Sue
  • Freya Susanne
  • Freya Sydney
  • Freya Therese
  • Freya Vanessa
  • Freya Violet
  • Freya Vivienne
  • Freya Whitney
  • Freya Yvonne


20 One-Syllable Middle Names for Freya

Freya is a short, two-syllable name, so you can likely get away with any length for the middle name, but I understand if you want to keep it shorter. I highly recommend one-syllable names if you have a long or hyphenated last name or if you plan on calling your daughter by her first and middle name. Here are my top picks for one-syllable middle names for Freya.

  • Freya Ann
  • Freya Belle
  • Freya Blythe
  • Freya Brooke
  • Freya Brynn
  • Freya Dawn
  • Freya Eve
  • Freya Faith
  • Freya Grace
  • Freya Jade
  • Freya Jane
  • Freya Joy
  • Freya Leigh
  • Freya Lynn
  • Freya Neve
  • Freya Paige
  • Freya Pearl
  • Freya Reese
  • Freya Rose
  • Freya Tess


20 Unique Middle Names for Freya

Freya is a unique name, so you might decide to pair it with something equally special. While Freya is gaining in popularity, it’s still not in the top 100 list, so you can have a little fun as you decide on the middle name. So if you want something unique, I love the name Freya Juniper and think Juniper will land itself in the top 100 girl names in no time.

I hope this list of 20 unique middle names for Freya inspires you and you find something distinctive for your little one.

  • Freya Alondra
  • Freya Bleu
  • Freya Blossom
  • Freya Destiny
  • Freya Dior
  • Freya Ember
  • Freya Halo
  • Freya Imogen
  • Freya Juniper
  • Freya Lavender
  • Freya Legacy
  • Freya Marigold
  • Freya Matilda
  • Freya Monet
  • Freya Nevaeh
  • Freya Olive
  • Freya Soliel
  • Freya Willow
  • Freya Winifred
  • Freya Ziv


20 Modern Middle Names for Freya

If you want something trendy, I’ve put together 20 modern middle names for Freya, with Harper and James being my favorites. The name James for a girl has really grown on me, and I think it sounds adorable with Freya. In addition, I find Harper to be popular but also a sweet, delicate name.

  • Freya Avalon
  • Freya Blakely
  • Freya Carys
  • Freya Chanel
  • Freya Clementine
  • Freya Emmaline
  • Freya Esmeralda
  • Freya Felicity
  • Freya Harper
  • Freya James
  • Freya Jasmine
  • Freya Jemma
  • Freya Kennedy
  • Freya Linden
  • Freya Magnolia
  • Freya Meadow
  • Freya Serenity
  • Freya Teegan
  • Freya Zara
  • Freya Zoey


20 Classic Middle Names for Freya

If you aren’t sure what route to choose, remember you can never go wrong with a classic name. I’ve mentioned it before, but I love classic, traditional names and how cyclical their popularity is. For example, my daughter is named after my grandmother, Lucille, and I could not have predicted that’s what I would name my daughter.

However, I have heard more classic names now than ever before, and I love that they are making the rounds. In addition to my daughter’s name, I love the middle names Cecilia and Josephine for Freya because they are both beautiful and timeless. You’ll find those names and several more below as you browse through my top classic middle names for Freya.

  • Freya Adelaide
  • Freya Alice
  • Freya Beatrice
  • Freya Beth
  • Freya Caroline
  • Freya Catherine
  • Freya Cecilia
  • Freya Cordelia
  • Freya Daphne
  • Freya Delphine
  • Freya Elaine
  • Freya Eleanor
  • Freya Elizabeth
  • Freya Josephine
  • Freya Katherine
  • Freya Lucille
  • Freya Mae
  • Freya Martha
  • Freya Mary
  • Freya Ruth


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