155 Perfect Middle Names for Penelope (The Ultimate List)

middle names for penelope

I hadn’t heard the name Penelope much, but once celebrity mogul Kourtney Kardashian chose the name for her daughter, it was suddenly on the radar.

While it was a beautiful name before, Kourtney helped put it on the map, or at least on my map.

Since then, Penelope has risen in popularity for girl names and sits at the 23rd most popular girls’ name in the United States in 2021. Meanwhile, ten years ago, Penelope kept the 168th spot warm.

But now that you’ve selected Penelope as your daughter’s name, it’s time to search for the perfect middle name. While some may think middle names don’t hold as much significance as first names, I beg to differ.

I put equal thought into finding the best first and middle names for my three children. I would also say the full names to see how they sounded. In addition, I considered what nicknames they could have and whether they flowed with the middle name.

Another reason why I think it’s essential to take the time to choose the perfect middle name is that you never know how much they will use it. For example, some end up going by their middle name or using both their first and middle name, like Mary Ann.

Regardless of how you select your child’s name, learning where it originated and what it means is always fun. Each of my kids fits the meaning of their name perfectly, which I always found intriguing. So, let’s dive into the meaning of the name Penelope, the beautiful name you chose for your little girl.


Meaning of The Name Penelope

Penelope’s origin dates back to Homer’s poem, “The Odyssey,” which follows the journey of Odysseus and his return home from the Trojan War. Penelope was the wife of Odysseus and had to deflect numerous suitors as she awaited his return.

Since Penelope showed unconditional love for Odysseus, many associates the name with loyalty and resilience. In addition, Penelope is a Greek name meaning “weaver” and is most commonly used as a girl’s name.

There are several name variations of Penelope, including Penelopa, Penelopi, Pinelopi, Penelopy, Penella, and Popi. You’ll also find many nicknames for Penelope, like Penny, Poppy, and Nelly.

Fans of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory will remember the character Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, who was energetic, kind-hearted, and outgoing. Other famous Penelopes include actress Penelope Cruz, director, and screenwriter Penelope Spheeris, and Downton Abbey actress Penelope Wilton.


75 Best Middle Names for Penelope (Listed Alphabetically)

I’m partial to shorter middle names for Penelope since it’s a longer first name. However, there are no rules on name length, so if you fall in love with a name, you shouldn’t let the letter count stop you.

For that reason, I ensured I compiled a list of middle names with various lengths because when you fall in love with a name, the number of letters shouldn’t matter. Since my list of the best middle names for Penelope is thorough, it’s tough to narrow down my favorite, but I am partial to Penelope Marie and Penelope James.

  • Penelope Abigail
  • Penelope Adele
  • Penelope Adeline
  • Penelope Alexis
  • Penelope Amber
  • Penelope Amy
  • Penelope Ana
  • Penelope Annabelle
  • Penelope Aubrey
  • Penelope Audra
  • Penelope Banks
  • Penelope Beatrice
  • Penelope Bernadette
  • Penelope Blair
  • Penelope Blythe
  • Penelope Bree
  • Penelope Brianne
  • Penelope Bridget
  • Penelope Brielle
  • Penelope Brynn
  • Penelope Camille
  • Penelope Christine
  • Penelope Clara
  • Penelope Crystal
  • Penelope Danielle
  • Penelope Diane
  • Penelope Ellen
  • Penelope Faith
  • Penelope Fiona
  • Penelope Gabrielle
  • Penelope Gemma
  • Penelope Georgia
  • Penelope Gwen
  • Penelope Hannah
  • Penelope Hope
  • Penelope Isabelle
  • Penelope Ivy
  • Penelope James
  • Penelope Jean
  • Penelope Jenna
  • Penelope Joy
  • Penelope Juliet
  • Penelope Lola
  • Penelope Lou
  • Penelope Lyla
  • Penelope Lynn
  • Penelope Marie
  • Penelope Marley
  • Penelope Margot
  • Penelope Maya
  • Penelope Michelle
  • Penelope Mila
  • Penelope Odette
  • Penelope Paige
  • Penelope Quinn
  • Penelope Renee
  • Penelope Rina
  • Penelope Roxanne
  • Penelope Ruby
  • Penelope Sage
  • Penelope Sara
  • Penelope Scarlett
  • Penelope Siena
  • Penelope Sonia
  • Penelope Sophia
  • Penelope Sydney
  • Penelope Taylor
  • Penelope Teresa
  • Penelope Therese
  • Penelope Vera
  • Penelope Veronica
  • Penelope Victoria
  • Penelope Violet
  • Penelope Vivian
  • Penelope Wren


20 One-Syllable Middle Names for Penelope

It’s obvious Penelope is a longer name, so you might decide on a shorter, one-syllable name. In addition, if your last name is long, a short middle name makes sense. I mean, there are only so many boxes on scantron tests.

My two favorite one-syllable middle names for Penelope are Jane and Rose. Penelope Jane and Penelope Rose are adorable-sounding names. But, of course, you can’t beat Penny Rose if you go with a nickname for your Penelope.

  • Penelope Ann
  • Penelope Belle
  • Penelope Blue
  • Penelope Claire
  • Penelope Dawn
  • Penelope Drew
  • Penelope Grace
  • Penelope Jade
  • Penelope Jane
  • Penelope June
  • Penelope Kate
  • Penelope Lane
  • Penelope Lark
  • Penelope Mae
  • Penelope Reese
  • Penelope Rose
  • Penelope Scout
  • Penelope Skye
  • Penelope Sue
  • Penelope Tess


20 Unique Middle Names for Penelope

Choosing a middle name for your child is when you can express their individuality, even before they are born. While you should remember their name will be on a resume one day, picking a unique middle name for Penelope is a way to exhibit creativity without reaching too far into left field.

  • Penelope Amora
  • Penelope Anika
  • Penelope Arva
  • Penelope Bliss
  • Penelope Eden
  • Penelope Ember
  • Penelope Emerald
  • Penelope Hansel
  • Penelope Imogen
  • Penelope India
  • Penelope Isla
  • Penelope Kismet
  • Penelope Lotus
  • Penelope Luna
  • Penelope Maverick
  • Penelope Meadow
  • Penelope Oakley
  • Penelope Orla
  • Penelope Starr
  • Penelope Zinnia


20 Modern Middle Names for Penelope

Similar to picking something unique is channeling what’s modern and trendy. While you should remember not everything lasts the test of time, it’s a fun way to remember the era when your child was born.

You can pick modern middle names for Penelope with characters from your favorite show or movie. Also, looking at what’s trending in pop culture is another way to find the perfect modern middle name.

  • Penelope Ariel
  • Penelope Blakely
  • Penelope Everly
  • Penelope Felicity
  • Penelope Jewel
  • Penelope Jules
  • Penelope Kylie
  • Penelope Magnolia
  • Penelope Mara
  • Penelope Matilda
  • Penelope Merida
  • Penelope Olive
  • Penelope Rowan
  • Penelope Sage
  • Penelope Serafina
  • Penelope Starr
  • Penelope Tinsley
  • Penelope Willow


20 Classic Middle Names for Penelope

Not every name can call itself classic, but the list of the best classic middle names for Penelope measures up. I’ve said it before, but I love classic names, and there’s something full circle about them. My daughter is named after my grandmother, and several of her friends share similar classic names.

Here are my top choices for classic middle names for Penelope.

  • Penelope Agnes
  • Penelope Amelia
  • Penelope Cecille
  • Penelope Celeste
  • Penelope Charlotte
  • Penelope Coraline
  • Penelope Elise
  • Penelope Eloise
  • Penelope Estelle
  • Penelope Evelyn
  • Penelope Fay
  • Penelope Frances
  • Penelope Josephine
  • Penelope Kay
  • Penelope Louise
  • Penelope Lucille
  • Penelope Mabel
  • Penelope Marie
  • Penelope Ruth
  • Penelope Virginia


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