160 Perfect Middle Names for Nova (The Ultimate List)


If you’re thinking about baby names, Nova is a great pick. This name has recently become more popular and stands out among others. Once you’ve decided on Nova for your baby’s first name, it’s time to choose a suitable middle name.

Parents sometimes pick middle names to honor relatives, or just because they like how it sounds with the first name. This list of great middle names for Nova will help you find just the right one.

Nova is a vibrant and unique name, so it’s important to find a middle name that fits well. Consider how the middle name sounds with the first and last name, and think about the initials they create.

You might also think about using two middle names. This is something people often do in the United Kingdom, though sticking to one or two usually works best.

Before you decide, let’s explore what the name Nova means. It’s interesting to know the story behind your child’s name, and it might even reflect their personality as they grow.


Meaning of The Name Nova

The name “Nova” originates from the Latin word “novus,” which means “new.” While most popular as a name for girls, it’s considered a gender-neutral name.

In a more contemporary and astronomical context, a “nova” refers to a star that suddenly increases in brightness due to a catastrophic explosion, then slowly fades over several weeks or many months.

In essence, the term “nova” in astronomy is used to describe a “new star” (though it’s not truly a new star, but rather a star experiencing a sudden, temporary increase in brightness). Given these meanings, the name Nova often conveys a sense of newness, brightness, and rebirth.

It’s also a popular name due to its modern and celestial connotations.


75 Best Middle Names for Nova (Listed Alphabetically)

Selecting a middle name can be a bit of a puzzle, even if you don’t intend to use it daily for your child. Life is full of surprises, and there might come a day when you feel that their middle name suits them perfectly. Some people might only use their first names, but many others are known by both their first and middle names.

Take my grandfather, for instance. He and his three sisters went by their middle names. I’ve often wondered why, but it’s a testament to the significance of choosing a meaningful middle name.

With that in mind, this list of top middle names for Nova is here to guide you in finding the one that resonates most.

  • Nova Adeline
  • Nova Alexandra
  • Nova Alice
  • Nova Amelia
  • Nova Annabelle
  • Nova Ariel
  • Nova Aria
  • Nova Aspen
  • Nova Beatrice
  • Nova Belle
  • Nova Brielle
  • Nova Camille
  • Nova Caroline
  • Nova Catherine
  • Nova Celeste
  • Nova Charlotte
  • Nova Claire
  • Nova Daisy
  • Nova Danielle
  • Nova Delilah
  • Nova Elise
  • Nova Elizabeth
  • Nova Eloise
  • Nova Emery
  • Nova Emily
  • Nova Evangeline
  • Nova Faith
  • Nova Faye
  • Nova Felicity
  • Nova Fiona
  • Nova Gabrielle
  • Nova Grace
  • Nova Gwen
  • Nova Harper
  • Nova Hazel
  • Nova Hope
  • Nova Isabelle
  • Nova Ivy
  • Nova Jade
  • Nova Juliette
  • Nova June
  • Nova Kay
  • Nova Laine
  • Nova Leigh
  • Nova Lila
  • Nova Lillian
  • Nova Louise
  • Nova Lucille
  • Nova Lynn
  • Nova Mae
  • Nova Marie
  • Nova May
  • Nova Melody
  • Nova Michelle
  • Nova Nadine
  • Nova Noelle
  • Nova Odette
  • Nova Paige
  • Nova Pearl
  • Nova Rae
  • Nova Rain
  • Nova Reese
  • Nova Rose
  • Nova Ruby
  • Nova Serene
  • Nova Simone
  • Nova Skye
  • Nova Sophia
  • Nova Sue
  • Nova Tess
  • Nova Therese
  • Nova Violet
  • Nova Willow
  • Nova Wynne
  • Nova Zoe


25 One Syllable Middle Names for Nova

One-syllable middle names are short and sweet. They go well with Nova and sound good with almost any last name.

And if you’re thinking about using two middle names, a shorter first one can keep things balanced. Either way, you’ll know you’ve chosen a great name for your child.

  • Nova Anne
  • Nova Blair
  • Nova Bree
  • Nova Brynn
  • Nova Chase
  • Nova Dawn
  • Nova Dee
  • Nova Elle
  • Nova Eve
  • Nova Fleur
  • Nova Gail
  • Nova Greer
  • Nova Jane
  • Nova Jess
  • Nova Joy
  • Nova Kaye
  • Nova Lee
  • Nova Meg
  • Nova Nell
  • Nova Plum
  • Nova Quinn
  • Nova Rae
  • Nova Shae
  • Nova Tess
  • Nova Wren

25 Unique Middle Names for Nova

If you want Nova to have a middle name that’s not too common, think about less common options. These names are unique but still easy for people to say.

  • Nova Anika
  • Nova Briar
  • Nova Cai
  • Nova Dalia
  • Nova Elara
  • Nova Faelan
  • Nova Gaia
  • Nova Hestia
  • Nova Isolde
  • Nova Jael
  • Nova Kaela
  • Nova Lirael
  • Nova Maris
  • Nova Nyra
  • Nova Orielle
  • Nova Paela
  • Nova Quinna
  • Nova Rael
  • Nova Selah
  • Nova Tindra
  • Nova Uriela
  • Nova Vaela
  • Nova Wyla
  • Nova Xaela
  • Nova Yrelia

20 Modern Middle Names for Nova

If you’re into what’s new and now, you might’ve thought of a few cool middle names for Nova. These modern picks for Nova show what names are getting some love these days.

Nova’s a catchy name, isn’t it? It reminds folks of stars and the vastness of space. It’s fresh, current, and getting noticed by lots of new parents.

  • Nova Aria
  • Nova Blair
  • Nova Cadence
  • Nova Delaney
  • Nova Everly
  • Nova Finley
  • Nova Gray
  • Nova Haven
  • Nova Indie
  • Nova Journey
  • Nova Kinsley
  • Nova Laken
  • Nova Mavery
  • Nova Neve
  • Nova Oaklyn
  • Nova Presley
  • Nova Quinn
  • Nova Rylie
  • Nova Sloane
  • Nova Tatum

15 Classic Middle Names for Nova

There’s something special about classic middle names. They’ve been loved for so long and just don’t go out of style.

All my kids have hints of these timeless names in theirs. If you’re set on giving Nova a classic touch with her middle name, you’re on the right track. Here are some top classic middle name suggestions for Nova:

  1. Nova Alice
  2. Nova Claire
  3. Nova Dorothy
  4. Nova Eleanor
  5. Nova Frances
  6. Nova Grace
  7. Nova Helen
  8. Nova Irene
  9. Nova Jean
  10. Nova Katherine
  11. Nova Louise
  12. Nova Margaret
  13. Nova Nancy
  14. Nova Olive
  15. Nova Pauline


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