155 Beautiful Middle Names for Eleanor (The Ultimate List)

middle names for eleanor

Growing up, my mom always talked about her Aunt Eleanor, my great-aunt.

So, naturally, I had this image in my head that fit the name, so when I started to hear it amongst my children’s friends, I thought back to good old Aunt Eleanor. But, not this time. This time, Eleanor belonged to little girls running around the playground with pigtails and bows.

Now, I can’t get enough of the name, and I love that old-fashioned names are making a comeback, so much that my daughter has one herself. While I have seen a rise in the popularity of the name Eleanor, the stats also back it up.

In 2021, Eleanor was the 15th most popular girls name in the United States, jumping from the 150th spot ten years ago. I have no doubt Eleanor will reach the top ten list within the next few years at the rate it’s going.

If you’ve chosen the name Eleanor for your little one on the way, you’ve picked a beautiful name that will grace the world for years.


Meaning of The Name Eleanor

The name Eleanor is of French and Greek origins and means shining light; light-hearted. One of my best friends has a daughter named Eleanor and I can attest the name is fitting. I always find it interesting how most people live up to the meaning of their name.

In addition, Eleanor is derived from the Provencal name Aliénor, but some say it comes from the Latin phrase alia Aenor.

Famous people with the name include American actress Eleanor Parker, who played Baroness Elsa Schraeder in “The Sound of Music,” and English actress Eleanor Tomlinson, who is best known for starring as Princess Isabelle in ‘Jack the Giant Slayer.”

There are many variations in the spelling of Eleanor, including Elinor, Elanor, Elenor, Eleanore, Aleonore, Elienora, and Eleonor. In addition, some beautiful nicknames are Ellie, Elle, Ella, Nellie, Nell, and Nora. So, when deciding on the best middle name, consider if you will prefer to call her by a nickname.

For example, my daughter is Lucille, but I knew she would be called Lucy, so I tried to find a middle name that would flow well with both versions.


75 Best Middle Names for Eleanor (Listed Alphabetically)

It can be tough to pick the best middle name, but there are a few things to consider. For example, you likely don’t want the first and middle names to rhyme. You also want the two names to flow well together and not create an odd-sounding name, or even worse, inappropriate.

For that reason, it’s always smart to say the name out loud to ensure it sounds appropriate. It’s also wise to write out what their initials will be, so you don’t inadvertently spell something out that will not look proper on their backpack. Like, Watson Taylor Franklin would have the initials WTF. Don’t do that to your baby.

The good news is I’ve collected a thorough list of beautiful names for Eleanor that will fit your little bundle wonderfully.

  • Eleanor Addison
  • Eleanor Adele
  • Eleanor Adelina
  • Eleanor Alexandra
  • Eleanor Alexis
  • Eleanor Amelia
  • Eleanor Andrea
  • Eleanor April
  • Eleanor Avery
  • Eleanor Bailey
  • Eleanor Beverly
  • Eleanor Blaire
  • Eleanor Brianne
  • Eleanor Briar
  • Eleanor Bridget
  • Eleanor Brielle
  • Eleanor Camille
  • Eleanor Caroline
  • Eleanor Charlotte
  • Eleanor Claudette
  • Eleanor Collette
  • Eleanor Daisy
  • Eleanor Dawn
  • Eleanor Faye
  • Eleanor Fiona
  • Eleanor Gabrielle
  • Eleanor Georgia
  • Eleanor Hadley
  • Eleanor Hannah
  • Eleanor Harlow
  • Eleanor Hart
  • Eleanor Hope
  • Eleanor Ingrid
  • Eleanor Isabella
  • Eleanor Ivy
  • Eleanor Jade
  • Eleanor Julianna
  • Eleanor Juliette
  • Eleanor Katherine
  • Eleanor Laine
  • Eleanor Lauren
  • Eleanor Leslie
  • Eleanor Lillian
  • Eleanor Lucille
  • Eleanor Maeve
  • Eleanor Marceline
  • Eleanor Matilda
  • Eleanor May
  • Eleanor Meadow
  • Eleanor Megan
  • Eleanor Mercy
  • Eleanor Mia
  • Eleanor Michelle
  • Eleanor Mirabelle
  • Eleanor Nicole
  • Eleanor Nina
  • Eleanor Noelle
  • Eleanor Olivia
  • Eleanor Ophelia
  • Eleanor Paige
  • Eleanor Penelope
  • Eleanor Piper
  • Eleanor Prudence
  • Eleanor Rowan
  • Eleanor Ruby
  • Eleanor Sage
  • Eleanor Sasha
  • Eleanor Scarlett
  • Eleanor Selene
  • Eleanor Serena
  • Eleanor Simone
  • Eleanor Sophia
  • Eleanor Sutton
  • Eleanor Taylor
  • Eleanor Therese


20 One-Syllable Middle Names for Eleanor

I find Eleanor the perfect length for a first name, so while you don’t have to go with something short for the middle name, it can be helpful if you have a longer last name. One-syllable middle names are easier for kids to pronounce and remember, which is always a good thing. Here’s a rundown of the best one-syllable middle names for Eleanor.

  • Eleanor Bea
  • Eleanor Brooke
  • Eleanor Claire
  • Eleanor Eve
  • Eleanor Grace
  • Eleanor Jane
  • Eleanor Jill
  • Eleanor Joy
  • Eleanor June
  • Eleanor Kate
  • Eleanor Leigh
  • Eleanor Mae
  • Eleanor Quinn
  • Eleanor Reese
  • Eleanor Rue
  • Eleanor Ruth
  • Eleanor Sloane
  • Eleanor Tate
  • Eleanor Tess
  • Eleanor Vale


20 Unique Middle Names for Eleanor

Since Eleanor is a more traditional name, you can mix it up for the middle name and choose something unique. While you still want the names to flow together, it’s a fun way to express some personality in your daughter’s name.

I’m not a fan of names that make you furrow your brow when you read them, but I’m all for individuality and finding something you think will fit your baby.

  • Eleanor Aiko
  • Eleanor Azalea
  • Eleanor Blue
  • Eleanor Clemetine
  • Eleanor Dove
  • Eleanor Fawn
  • Eleanor Fern
  • Eleanor Fleur
  • Eleanor Juniper
  • Eleanor Kai
  • Eleanor Lark
  • Eleanor Lottie
  • Eleanor Lux
  • Eleanor Nova
  • Eleanor Plum
  • Eleanor Posie
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Eleanor Ruelle
  • Eleanor Snow
  • Eleanor Willow


20 Modern Middle Names for Eleanor

With Eleanor being a classic name, mixing up the middle name and choosing something modern is fun. It’s a great way to combine old with new, and dance on the trendy side of life. My favorite modern middle names for Eleanor are Gray and James. I, personally, love the middle name James for girls, so I’m partial to Eleanor James.

  • Eleanor Aspen
  • Eleanor Arden
  • Eleanor Aria
  • Eleanor Avalon
  • Eleanor Carys
  • Eleanor Coraline
  • Eleanor Gray
  • Eleanor Delilah
  • Eleanor Evangeline
  • Eleanor Harper
  • Eleanor James
  • Eleanor Kennedy
  • Eleanor Kensington
  • Eleanor Olive
  • Eleanor Peace
  • Eleanor Poppy
  • Eleanor Priscilla
  • Eleanor Waverly
  • Eleanor Wren
  • Eleanor Zoe


20 Classic Middle Names for Eleanor

Call them classic or old-fashioned, either way, these names have proven they can last the test of time. There’s something timeless about a classic name that fits Eleanor so perfectly, and I’m not surprised that you want to pair a classic middle name with the very classic name Eleanor. One of my favorite combinations is Eleanor Rose, because it rolls off the tongue.

  • Eleanor Ada
  • Eleanor Ann
  • Eleanor Ava
  • Eleanor Cecilia
  • Eleanor Constance
  • Eleanor Daphne
  • Eleanor Elaine
  • Eleanor Elise
  • Eleanor Elizabeth
  • Eleanor Estelle
  • Eleanor Francis
  • Eleanor Genevieve
  • Eleanor Jean
  • Eleanor Josephine
  • Eleanor Kay
  • Eleanor Louise
  • Eleanor Margaret
  • Eleanor Maude
  • Eleanor Patricia
  • Eleanor Rose


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