155 Perfect Middle Names for Harper (The Ultimate List)

middle names for harper

If you’ve found yourself here, it’s because you’ve chosen the beautiful name Harper for your little one on the way, but you are still searching for the perfect middle name. I always loved exploring options for middle names with my 3 children and stayed up late to find the perfect one.

I tended to go back and forth between honoring a family member or picking something unique. While sometimes family expects you to dig into your roots, it’s also nice to start a new tradition.

I also considered what their name looked like when I wrote them down or what their initials would be. I immediately nixed some middle names because of how they looked on paper. It seems trivial, but your sweet baby will live with the name forever.

There is so much emphasis on the first name that you must remember to match it with the perfect middle name. Lucky for you, I’ve put together the ultimate list of middle names for Harper that will, hopefully, leave you feeling inspired and ready to welcome your bundle.


Meaning of The Name Harper

Harper is of English origin and is used as an American surname, but as you know, it’s a common first name today. The name Harper means ‘harp player’ and is typically picked for a baby girl, but it is occasionally used for boys.

In addition, the name dates back to the medieval European era, when queens and kings had devoted harp players. You will also find Harper as an English, Irish, and Scottish surname initially found between 1840 and 1920.

As of 2021, Harper ranks as the 10th most popular girl’s name in the United States. The name has risen in popularity, sitting in the 120th spot in 2010. However, since 2015, it had consistently stayed in the top ten, except for 2017, when Abigail pushed it to the 11th spot.

Famous people with the name Harper include Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, musician Harper Simon and basketball player Harper Williams. The name also belongs to various children of celebrities, including Neil Patrick Harris and Victoria Beckham.

While you may or may not choose to name your child after a celebrity, it’s always fun to know someone famous with the same name.


75 Best Middle Names for Harper (Listed Alphabetically)

A baby’s name has a lot of significance, regardless of whether it is their first, middle, or last. For example, you may settle on a middle name because it honors someone special or pays homage to your middle name.

My oldest son’s middle name is a variation of my maiden name, but I also know plenty of people who use their middle name for their children. However, sometimes there is a blank canvas, and you scour the internet looking for the perfect middle name, and I’m glad you found your way here.

Now, let’s dive into some amazing middle names for Harper.

  • Harper Adele
  • Harper Alessandra
  • Harper Alexa
  • Harper Alexandra
  • Harper Amelia
  • Harper Andrea
  • Harper Anna
  • Harper Aria
  • Harper Beatrice
  • Harper Bernadette
  • Harper Brianne
  • Harper Bridget
  • Harper Brielle
  • Harper Celeste
  • Harper Chloe
  • Harper Colleen
  • Harper Danielle
  • Harper Delaney
  • Harper Diane
  • Harper Drew
  • Harper Elaine
  • Harper Elena
  • Harper Eliana
  • Harper Eloise
  • Harper Emily
  • Harper Emma
  • Harper Erin
  • Harper Evangeline
  • Harper Everly
  • Harper Fallon
  • Harper Felicity
  • Harper Fiona
  • Harper Frances
  • Harper Francesca
  • Harper Gabriella
  • Harper Greer
  • Harper Isabella
  • Harper James
  • Harper Josephine
  • Harper Juliette
  • Harper June
  • Harper Kennedy
  • Harper Kimberly
  • Harper Layla
  • Harper Liliana
  • Harper Lisette
  • Harper Lola
  • Harper Lucia
  • Harper Lynn
  • Harper Madison
  • Harper Marceline
  • Harper Marie
  • Harper Mia
  • Harper Morgan
  • Harper Odette
  • Harper Olivia
  • Harper Paige
  • Harper Paisley
  • Harper Paloma
  • Harper Pauline
  • Harper Reese
  • Harper Renee
  • Harper Rosalie
  • Harper Rue
  • Harper Samantha
  • Harper Savannah
  • Harper Siena
  • Harper Sloane
  • Harper Sophia
  • Harper Sydney
  • Harper Taylor
  • Harper Tess
  • Harper Valentina
  • Harper Vivian
  • Harper Zoe


20 One-Syllable Middle Names for Harper

I like to refer to one-syllable names as fun or bite-sized. My favorite one-syllable middle name for Harper is Ann; I love how Harper Ann rolls off the tongue. But, I also am partial to Harper Kate because I have always loved the name.

Regardless of how you narrow down your choices, this list of one-syllable middle names will hopefully guide you closer to picking the perfect middle name for your Harper.

  • Harper Ann
  • Harper Blaire
  • Harper Blythe
  • Harper Brooke
  • Harper Claire
  • Harper Dawn
  • Harper Elle
  • Harper Eve
  • Harper Faye
  • Harper Gwen
  • Harper Jade
  • Harper Joy
  • Harper June
  • Harper Kate
  • Harper Leigh
  • Harper Liv
  • Harper Mae
  • Harper Quinn
  • Harper Shae
  • Harper Skye


20 Unique Middle Names for Harper

If you knew a Jennifer in the 90s or 2000s, she likely wasn’t alone in her popular name. So, it’s understandable you want a name that stands out that your child’s classmates won’t share.

Unfortunately, unique middle names are tricky because you don’t want them to be too unusual, but thinking outside the box is always fun.

So, I decided on several unique middle names for Harper that aren’t out of this world but offer a different option than traditional names.

  • Harper Alesia
  • Harper Anika
  • Harper Azalea
  • Harper Blossom
  • Harper Dakota
  • Harper Dream
  • Harper Geneva
  • Harper Lake
  • Harper Love
  • Harper Magnolia
  • Harper Marigold
  • Harper Meadow
  • Harper Novalee
  • Harper Raven
  • Harper Rayne
  • Harper Sapphire
  • Harper Soliel
  • Harper Tenley
  • Harper Tulip
  • Harper Venus


20 Modern Middle Names for Harper

Along the same lines as unique middle names, is finding something modern, or fresh. If you aren’t a fan of traditional names, picking something with a little edge might suit you best. Also, you might get inspiration from a favorite television show or movie to find the perfect modern middle name.

Harper is often considered a modern name, especially with its rise in popularity in the last ten years, so it’s no surprise you want to find something equally as modern.

  • Harper Anastasia
  • Harper Avalon
  • Harper Bailey
  • Harper Belle
  • Harper Capri
  • Harper Coraline
  • Harper Delilah
  • Harper Everly
  • Harper Finley
  • Harper Grey
  • Harper Imogen
  • Harper Jewel
  • Harper Luna
  • Harper Pearl
  • Harper Penelope
  • Harper Seraphina
  • Harper Violet
  • Harper Willow
  • Harper Wren
  • Harper Zoe


20 Classic Middle Names for Harper

As I enter the fourth floor of life, I greatly appreciate classic middle names. There’s nothing like a name that lasts through generations, with one of my favorites being Jane. I think Harper Jane sounds so adorable, and I think they flow so nicely together.

  • Harper Ada
  • Harper Alice
  • Harper Aurelia
  • Harper Cordelia
  • Harper Elizabeth
  • Harper Emmeline
  • Harper Francine
  • Harper Freya
  • Harper Iris
  • Harper Kathleen
  • Harper Florence
  • Harper Jane
  • Harper Jean
  • Harper Joan
  • Harper Leona
  • Harper Louise
  • Harper Lucille
  • Harper Nora
  • Harper Rose
  • Harper Ruth


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