155 Perfect Middle Names for Silas (The Ultimate List)

middle name for silas

If you were looking for baby boy names, it’s no surprise you decided on Silas. The fantastic boy name has gained popularity recently and is making its way up the ranks. But if you’ve decided on the first name of your baby boy, that means it’s time to figure out the best middle name.

Parents often choose to honor a family member with the middle name, but other times, it’s because a name went well with the first. Regardless of your reasoning, this list of the perfect middle names for Silas will leave you inspired and ready to narrow down your choices.

Since Silas is an excellent, strong name, you want to find a middle name that matches it perfectly. But how do you make the ultimate decision? While you can consider family names, it’s also wise to consider how the middle name flows with the first and last name. Also, have you considered what the initials will look like when the names are strung together?

You might also consider middle name combinations if you have your heart set on two names. Choosing two middle names is common in the United Kingdom but you’ll probably want to keep it at two before it gets too complicated.

While you’re reviewing these thoughts in your head, let’s look at the meaning of Silas and where it originated. I always enjoyed learning the meaning behind my children’s names, and I feel like their personalities match up.


Meaning of The Name Silas

Silas is a popular Latin and Greek name meaning “forest” or “wood.” The biblical name of Silas refers to the leading member of a Christian community who joined Paul on a missionary journey.

Similar names include Caleb, Atlas, Dante, Cyrus, Linus, Wallace, Simon, and Tyrus, while name variations of Silas are Saul, Silvanus, and SylvanusIn addition, English variants include Si, Sy, and Sylas, while in French, you’re likely to find it spelled Sylvain. Silas is also the Hebrew version of Saul.

Silas was popular in the 1880s, but saw a decline in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, before seeing a spike.

However, 2021 was record-breaking for Silas, as it hit 91st in the most popular boys’ names in the United States. Our middle name lists will help inspire you and, hopefully, bring you closer to deciding on the perfect middle name for your Silas.


75 Best Middle Names for Silas (Listed Alphabetically)

It’s not always easy to pick a middle name, even if you don’t plan to call your son by it. However, you never know what life will bring when your son is born and you might decide it fits him best. While not everyone uses their middle name daily, others call their children by their first and middle name.

For example, my dad and his two siblings were called by their middle names. Honestly, I’m not sure the reasoning behind it, but it shows that you should put thought into selecting a middle name.

Regardless, this list of the best middle names for Silas will help you decide your favorite.

  • Silas Adler
  • Silas Adrian
  • Silas Aiden
  • Silas Alexander
  • Silas Asher
  • Silas Atticus
  • Silas Austin
  • Silas Baker
  • Silas Barrett
  • Silas Benedict
  • Silas Bentley
  • Silas Bradley
  • Silas Brayden
  • Silas Brody
  • Silas Camden
  • Silas Cameron
  • Silas Camilo
  • Silas Carson
  • Silas Clayton
  • Silas Clint
  • Silas Clyde
  • Silas Cole
  • Silas Colton
  • Silas Connor
  • Silas Crosby
  • Silas Declan
  • Silas Donovan
  • Silas Dylan
  • Silas Edwin
  • Silas Eli
  • Silas Everett
  • Silas Finley
  • Silas Foster
  • Silas Gabriel
  • Silas Graham
  • Silas Gregory
  • Silas Harper
  • Silas Harrison
  • Silas Hunter
  • Silas Jackson
  • Silas Jameson
  • Silas Jennings
  • Silas Jett
  • Silas Josiah
  • Silas Julian
  • Silas Keaton
  • Silas Landon
  • Silas Lee
  • Silas Leo
  • Silas Levi
  • Silas Logan
  • Silas Lucas
  • Silas Maxwell
  • Silas Miles
  • Silas Murphy
  • Silas Nathaniel
  • Silas Oliver
  • Silas Owen
  • Silas Parker
  • Silas Paxton
  • Silas Porter
  • Silas Preston
  • Silas Reed
  • Silas Reginald
  • Silas Rex
  • Silas Roland
  • Silas Russell
  • Silas Theodore
  • Silas Tucker
  • Silas Tripp
  • Silas Warren
  • Silas Wesley
  • Silas Wyatt
  • Silas Zachary
  • Silas Xavier


20 One-Syllable Middle Names for Silas

I find one-syllable middle names short, sweet, and to the point. These bite-sized names compliment Silas and flow nicely with the first name you’ve chosen. Regardless of your last name, you don’t have to worry about your son not having enough boxes to fill in his entire name.

You may also choose a one-syllable name if you decide you want two middle names, but don’t want anything too long. Whichever you choose, you’ll feel confident knowing you picked the perfect name for your little guy.

  • Silas Ash
  • Silas Blake
  • Silas Brooks
  • Silas Chase
  • Silas Dane
  • Silas Drake
  • Silas Graham
  • Silas Grant
  • Silas Hayes
  • Silas Jack
  • Silas Judd
  • Silas Luke
  • Silas Mack
  • Silas Pierce
  • Silas Quinn
  • Silas Reign
  • Silas Rhett
  • Silas Scott
  • Silas Tripp
  • Silas Wade


20 Unique Middle Names for Silas

Finding a unique middle name for Silas isn’t tough when there are many to pick from. If you don’t want your son sharing his middle name with his entire class, it makes sense you would think outside the box. While these names aren’t common, they aren’t hard for anyone to pronunciate, which can happen with unique names.

  • Silas Abbott
  • Silas Arrow
  • Silas Axel
  • Silas Boden
  • Silas Blaze
  • Silas Fielder
  • Silas Hawk
  • Silas Jagger
  • Silas Lander
  • Silas Milan
  • Silas Montgomery
  • Silas Oakley
  • Silas Onyx
  • Silas Orion
  • Silas Phoenix
  • Silas Rivers
  • Silas Thatcher
  • Silas Tove
  • Silas Wilder


20 Modern Middle Names for Silas

If you’re looking to turn a page in modern times, you’ve likely thought of a few middle names that fit the bill. Modern middle names for Silas offer a glimpse at what is popular when they are born.

In addition, your son Silas shares a name with the son of super couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. You may also recognize the name from The Da Vinci Code and The Rise and Fall of Silas Lapham.

  • Silas Apollo
  • Silas Bear
  • Silas Cruz
  • Silas Duke
  • Silas Enzo
  • Silas Easton
  • Silas Everest
  • Silas Gideon
  • Silas Hamilton
  • Silas Huck
  • Silas Kendrick
  • Silas Kennedy
  • Silas Knox
  • Silas Marley
  • Silas Maverick
  • Silas Nash
  • Silas Ozzy
  • Silas Peyton
  • Silas Walker
  • Silas Whitaker


20 Classic Middle Names for Silas

I’m guilty of loving classic middle names because they stay around generation after generation. My kids all have variations of classic names, and if you’ve decided you want a classic middle name for Silas, you are in the right place. Here are my top classic middle names for Silas.

  • Silas Andrew
  • Silas Anthony
  • Silas Christopher
  • Silas Eugene
  • Silas Henry
  • Silas James
  • Silas Jacob
  • Silas John
  • Silas Joshua
  • Silas Leonard
  • Silas Matthew
  • Silas Michael
  • Silas Nicholas
  • Silas Patrick
  • Silas Paul
  • Silas Phillip
  • Silas Robert
  • Silas Thomas
  • Silas Vincent
  • Silas William


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