125 Wonderful Middle Names for Stella (The Ultimate List)

middle names for stella

While I thoroughly enjoyed choosing first names for my children, I also took the time to find a middle name that I felt was the perfect fit.

Stella is a beautiful name that was popular in the United States in the early 20th century and has recently made a comeback in the 2000s.

While choosing a family name as a child’s middle name is common, sometimes you need some inspiration to help you decide, and that’s why we created this list of wonderful middle names for Stella.

Picking baby names is hard enough, so why make it harder to pick a middle name?


Meaning of The Name Stella

Stella is of Latin and Italian origin, meaning “the star or celestial star,” and was first used in the 1580s sonnet collection Astrophel and Stella by Philip Sydney.

It has also been said that Stella is of Greek origin, meaning Stylianos. Stella has risen in popularity in the United States, France, Sweden, and Wales, partly due to its celestial meaning, and is a common name parents give their newborn girls.

While Stella is typically a female name, there are many unisex names on the list you can use as the middle name. In Spanish, Stella is often spelled “Estella” or “Estrella.”

According to the Social Security Administration, Stella ranked as the 41st most popular female name in 2021. Similar names to Stella include Aurora (“dawn”), Polaris (“pole star”), and Aster (the Greek word for star).


65 Best Middle Names for Stella

The beauty of picking a middle name for Stella is that you can choose from plenty of names. Sometimes middle names become nicknames, so you undoubtedly will want to pick something that fits your daughter.

Let’s start with the best middle names for Stella to help you narrow down your choices for your new bundle.

  • Stella Ainsley
  • Stella Amelia
  • Stella Ann
  • Stella Alice
  • Stella Amelia
  • Stella Annabelle
  • Stella Anne
  • Stella April
  • Stella Ariel
  • Stella Avery
  • Stella Bethany
  • Stella Blair
  • Stella Blythe
  • Stella Brianne
  • Stella Brynn
  • Stella Camille
  • Stella Cara
  • Stella Caroline
  • Stella Catherine
  • Stella Celeste
  • Stella Charlotte
  • Stella Chloe
  • Stella Clara
  • Stella Claire
  • Stella Delphine
  • Stella Drew
  • Stella Eileen
  • Stella Eliana
  • Stella Elise
  • Stella Emma
  • Stella Grace
  • Stella Greer
  • Stella Harlow
  • Stella Harmony
  • Stella Harper
  • Stella Isabelle
  • Stella Jane
  • Stella Jill
  • Stella Josephine
  • Stella Kate
  • Stella Katherine
  • Stella Leigh
  • Stella Lillian
  • Stella Louise
  • Stella Lucy
  • Stella Luna
  • Stella Maple
  • Stella Margo
  • Stella Marie
  • Stella Maxine
  • Stella Monroe
  • Stella Noelle
  • Stella Olivia
  • Stella Paige
  • Stella Poppy
  • Stella Quinn
  • Stella Raine
  • Stella Raye
  • Stella Reagan
  • Stella Reese
  • Stella Renee
  • Stella Rosalie
  • Stella Valentina
  • Stella Vivian
  • Stella Wren


15 One-Syllable Middle Names for Stella

If you are looking for shorter middle names for Stella, several one-syllable middle names make the perfect match with Stella. For example, one-syllable names are easier for children to pronounce, so if you have other children, it will be easier for them to say their new sister’s name.

  • Stella Anne
  • Stella Blake
  • Stella Claire
  • Stella Dove
  • Stella Eve
  • Stella Faith
  • Stella Gwen
  • Stella Hope
  • Stella Jade
  • Stella Jean
  • Stella Joy
  • Stella Liv
  • Stella Rose
  • Stella Ruth
  • Stella Tess


15 Unique Middle Names for Stella

Since Stella has become a popular name, it makes sense you’d want to find a unique middle name. Finding the perfect unique middle name is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s individuality, even if they are new to this world.

  • Stella Adelaide
  • Stella Aries
  • Stella Avalon
  • Stella Blue
  • Stella Cordelia
  • Stella Elsie
  • Stella Genevieve
  • Stella Harmony
  • Stella Hazel
  • Stella Juniper
  • Stella Kensington
  • Stella London
  • Stella Love
  • Stella Pearl
  • Stella Waverly


15 Modern Middle Names for Stella

It’s a fun idea to mix the vintage name Stella with a modern middle name, as it gives your little one a nice mix of genres. While some might consider modern names trendy, I always think it’s best to pick the name you like best and not worry about what others say.

  • Stella Blakely
  • Stella Brooke
  • Stella Hadley
  • Stella Ivy
  • Stella Jasmine
  • Stella Juniper
  • Stella Love
  • Stella Magnolia
  • Stella Monroe
  • Stella Piper
  • Stella Violet
  • Stella Willow
  • Stella Winter
  • Stella Wren
  • Stella Zoe


15 Classic Middle Names for Stella

I love classic names; they’ve made a massive comeback over the past several years, and I went with one when I had my daughter. There are great middle names that will stay classic for years.

  • Stella Abigail
  • Stella Alma
  • Stella Corrine
  • Stella Frances
  • Stella Jean
  • Stella Kay
  • Stella Lynn
  • Stella Lucille
  • Stella Mabel
  • Stella Marjorie
  • Stella Maude
  • Stella Maeve
  • Stella Miriam
  • Stella Rosemary
  • Stella Sloane


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