159 Perfect Middle Names for Mateo (The 2024 List)

middle name for mateo

If you’ve come across this article, it likely means you have a sweet baby boy on the way. As the mother of two boys, I had so much fun picking out the perfect name, and once I narrowed down my choices, I was even more excited to meet them. But, having the first name means you still need to decide on the middle name, which is equally as important. 

The first name Mateo is versatile and can go with various middle names, which doesn’t make the job of picking one any easier. However, I’ve compiled different types of names, including modern, unique, short and sweet, and classic ones that never go out of style. 

There’s a difference between good middle names and great middle names; you likely want the latter. I’m here to help pick the perfect middle name for Mateo, and I hope my extensive list leaves you inspired and ready to welcome your baby boy. But before I dive into my list of the best middle names, let’s look closer at the meaning of Mateo.


Meaning of The Name Mateo

The name Mateo is the Spanish version of Matthew and is a wonderful, strong baby’s name. In Hebrew, Mateo means “gift of God” and Matthew is a Biblical name, appearing as one of the New Testament’s 12 apostles and is the name of a saint. 

I always enjoyed learning the meaning of my children’s names and felt it came into play when I made my final decision. With Mateo meaning gift of God, you made an excellent choice in the first name. 

An alternative spelling of Mateo is Matteo, which is often seen as the Italian variation, while Matheo is the archaic Spanish spelling. Nicknames for Mateo include Matt, Matty, Tay, Teo, and Mo. Although, if this isn’t your first baby, you know you’ll come up with a variety of middle names that have nothing to do with their first name. 

My oldest son didn’t know his own name for a while because I had so many nicknames for him. It wasn’t until his pediatrician asked if he responded to his first name, that I realized I needed to lay off the nicknames for a while. It was a stellar parenting moment. 

Mateo has gained in popularity over the years, with it coming in as the 15th most popular boy’s name in the United States for 2021. If you flip the calendar back two decades, you’ll see Mateo held the 367th spot in 2001, so the name undoubtedly has shown an increase in popularity. Then in 2015, it made it into the top 100 list of boy’s names.


77 Best Middle Names for Mateo (Listed Alphabetically)

With Mateo coming of Latin origin, you can choose a similar middle name. For example, a beautiful middle name for Mateo is Andrés or you can go with something a little longer, like Alessandro. Either way, you’ll end with a strong name for your baby boy. 

There are several considerations to think about when choosing a middle name, including whether you want to honor someone special. While it’s always a nice gesture, you should never feel obligated to choose a name based on another person. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow for some family members, but this is your baby and you shouldn’t let someone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. 

  • Mateo Abel 
  • Mateo Adam 
  • Mateo Adrián
  • Mateo Alessandro 
  • Mateo Alfred 
  • Mateo Allan 
  • Mateo Andrés
  • Mateo Angelo
  • Mateo Barrett  
  • Mateo Clarence 
  • Mateo Colton 
  • Mateo Corbin 
  • Mateo Diego 
  • Mateo Dominic 
  • Mateo Easton 
  • Mateo Eduardo 
  • Mateo Emerson 
  • Mateo Emmett
  • Mateo Enzo
  • Mateo Eric 
  • Mateo Esteban  
  • Mateo Ethan 
  • Mateo Evan 
  • Mateo Fabian 
  • Mateo Felix 
  • Mateo Fernando 
  • Mateo Frederick 
  • Mateo Gabriel 
  • Mateo Gavin 
  • Mateo Gilbert 
  • Mateo Giovanni 
  • Mateo Grayson 
  • Mateo Gustavo 
  • Mateo Harris 
  • Mateo Harrison 
  • Mateo Hector 
  • Mateo Jackson 
  • Mateo Jacob 
  • Mateo Jameson 
  • Mateo Jayden 
  • Mateo Joaquín
  • Mateo Jonathan 
  • Mateo Julian 
  • Mateo Kenneth 
  • Mateo Kevin 
  • Mateo Lawrence 
  • Mateo Leon 
  • Mateo Leonardo 
  • Mateo Levi 
  • Mateo Lewis 
  • Mateo Marco 
  • Mateo Martin 
  • Mateo Mauricio 
  • Mateo Maxwell 
  • Mateo Michael 
  • Mateo Nemehiah 
  • Mateo Nicholas 
  • Mateo Otis 
  • Mateo Pablo 
  • Mateo Parker 
  • Mateo Peter 
  • Mateo Peyton 
  • Mateo Pierre 
  • Mateo Quincy 
  • Mateo Ronaldo 
  • Mateo Ronan 
  • Mateo Salvador 
  • Mateo Santiago 
  • Mateo Stephen 
  • Mateo Sullivan 
  • Mateo Tobias 
  • Mateo Tomás
  • Mateo Victor 
  • Mateo Vincent 
  • Mateo Wayne 
  • Mateo Wesley 
  • Mateo Wyatt


22 One-Syllable Middle Names for Mateo

While one-syllable middle names are perfect if you have a longer last name, you still want to consider what your baby’s initials will look like or how it sounds out loud. For example, if your last name begins with a “D,” you probably don’t want to choose Mateo Ace, because his initials will be MAD. It wouldn’t be the worst thing you could come up with, but if you can avoid awkward initials, I highly recommend doing so. 

  • Mateo Ace 
  • Mateo Blake 
  • Mateo Brooks 
  • Mateo Bryce 
  • Mateo Cade 
  • Mateo Clay 
  • Mateo Cole 
  • Mateo Craig 
  • Mateo Dane 
  • Mateo Finn
  • Mateo Grant 
  • Mateo Hale 
  • Mateo Heath 
  • Mateo Jax 
  • Mateo Jude 
  • Mateo Keith 
  • Mateo Lane 
  • Mateo Lee
  • Mateo Luke 
  • Mateo Todd 
  • Mateo Troy 
  • Mateo Wade


20 Unique Middle Names for Mateo

When choosing a unique middle name for Mateo, you’ll want to consider that he will put it on his resume one day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give him something to set him apart from others in his class. I find unique names to be intriguing and I always enjoy hearing the story of how a parent came upon the name. 

I love the name Mateo Stone, and find it to be unique, but strong and full of character. I hope this list of unique middle names for Mateo leaves you with the inspiration to have your boy stand out amongst the crowd.

  • Mateo Axel 
  • Mateo Aziel 
  • Mateo Benton 
  • Mateo Bodhi 
  • Mateo Braxton 
  • Mateo Gideon 
  • Mateo Giles 
  • Mateo Hendrix 
  • Mateo Legend 
  • Mateo Lochlan 
  • Mateo Malachi 
  • Mateo Milan 
  • Mateo Orson 
  • Mateo Rocco 
  • Mateo Ronan 
  • Mateo Stone 
  • Mateo Talon 
  • Mateo Titan 
  • Mateo Wolfgang 
  • Mateo Zane


20 Modern Middle Names for Mateo

Modern middle names are similar to unique ones because you’re hoping your son doesn’t share the same name as everyone in his preschool class. Thankfully, there are plenty of modern names to choose from and the most difficult part is narrowing it down to one choice. I found Jasper to be a cool, modern middle name for Mateo, along with Cash and Maverick. 

However, this is your sweet baby boy, so I hope you enjoy the list of modern middle names for Mateo and that you find the perfect one for your little guy. 

  • Mateo Apollo
  • Mateo Asher
  • Mateo Cash 
  • Mateo Conrad 
  • Mateo Beckett 
  • Mateo Beckham 
  • Mateo Bellamy 
  • Mateo Bruno 
  • Mateo Dante 
  • Mateo Dawson 
  • Mateo Graham 
  • Mateo Gray 
  • Mateo Gunner 
  • Mateo Hadyen 
  • Mateo Jasper 
  • Mateo Maverick 
  • Mateo McCoy 
  • Mateo Memphis
  • Mateo Ridley 
  • Mateo Roderick


20 Classic Middle Names for Mateo

If your baby shower is over and you’re in the home stretch for the baby’s arrival, you’re probably looking for inspiration if you’re stumped on a middle name. I’ve said it before but you can’t go wrong with a classic name. For example, the name Mateo Thomas will never go out of style and you can ensure your little one will love his name. 

I’m a big supporter of classic names because of the longevity they have proven to keep over the years. In addition, I consider Matthew to be a classic name and since Mateo is the Spanish version of the name, it seems logical to go with a classic middle name. 

  • Mateo Adam 
  • Mateo Alexander
  • Mateo Anthony 
  • Mateo Arthur
  • Mateo Benjamin 
  • Mateo Charles 
  • Mateo Christopher 
  • Mateo David 
  • Mateo Elijiah 
  • Mateo Francis 
  • Mateo Frank
  • Mateo George 
  • Mateo Gregory 
  • Mateo Henry
  • Mateo James 
  • Mateo John 
  • Mateo Philip 
  • Mateo Robert 
  • Mateo Ryan 
  • Mateo Thomas


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