120 Perfect Middle Names for Levi (The Ultimate List)

middle name for levi

You’re not alone if you’ve poured hours into deciding your child’s middle name. While it may not be their first name, it doesn’t lessen the significance, and it takes time to pick the perfect one, and most parents go back and forth until they make a decision.

I have always loved the name Levi and think it’s an excellent name for a little boy. But now that you have picked your first name, it’s time to choose a middle name to complement it, which I have always enjoyed.

This ultimate list will help you decide the perfect middle for Levi. You’ll find classic names, modern names, and unique ones. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to narrow your choices, so consider how the middle name sounds with your last name.

In addition, remember to write the initials down so you don’t inadvertently create an inappropriate grouping of letters. While it seems unlikely, it’s easy to do before birth and will ensure they won’t feel awkward each time they write their name down.

As parents, we can choose what names our kids will live with forever. While it seems overwhelming, it’s also amazing, and I look forward to sharing this list with you.

The name Levi has risen in popularity, especially since the early 2000s, and in 2021, the Social Security Administration listed it as the 12th most popular name in the United States. One year prior, in 2020, it ranked 18th, so there’s a good chance it will make it to the top ten most popular names in the next year.


Meaning of the Name Levi

Levi is a Hebrew name with several meanings, including “joined,” “united,” and occasionally “joined in harmony.” The Hebrew origin of the name Levi dates back to Biblical times, where Levi is the son of Jacob and Leah.

Levi was the third son of Leah, and she named him such because she was unsure of Jacob’s loyalty and thought if she named their son Levi (joined), she would give a hint to Jacob.

In the Old Testament, the Levites were the twelve tribes of the Israelites, so the name Levi often signifies the founding or unification of something. In addition, the New Testament references two Levis, both ancestors of Jesus.

Similar boy names include Joshua, Jacob, Abel, Abraham, and Caleb. Your son will share his name with several famous Levis in history, including Levi Strauss (founder of Levi Strauss & Co. jeans), Levi Stubbs (lead singer of the Four Tops), and Levi Lincoln, Sr. (Attorney General to Thomas Jefferson).

Some also attribute the spike in popularity to actor Matthew McConaughey, who named his son Levi in 2018.


60 Best Middle Names for Levi (Listed Alphabetically)

There is no shortage of best middle names for Levi, and I hope this list leaves you feeling inspired and ready to put a bow on your baby’s full name.

  • Levi Aaron
  • Levi Arlo
  • Levi Asher
  • Levi Bennett
  • Levi Carter
  • Levi Cain
  • Levi Christopher
  • Levi Damien
  • Levi Deacon
  • Levi Dominic
  • Levi Douglas
  • Levi Elliott
  • Levi Everett
  • Levi Ezekiel
  • Levi Francis
  • Levi Gabriel
  • Levi Gregory
  • Levi Griffin
  • Levi Hudson
  • Levi Israel
  • Levi Issac
  • Levi Jayden
  • Levi Jeremiah
  • Levi Jordan
  • Levi Josiah
  • Levi Joshua
  • Levi Judah
  • Levi Julian
  • Levi Luke
  • Levi Marcus
  • Levi Mark
  • Levi Marshall
  • Levi Mathias
  • Levi Merrick
  • Levi Miles
  • Levi Noah
  • Levi Oliver
  • Levi Oscar
  • Levi Palmer
  • Levi Parker
  • Levi Patrick
  • Levi Peter
  • Levi Preston
  • Levi Quinn
  • Levi Ronan
  • Levi Russell
  • Levi Ryan
  • Levi Rylan
  • Levi Ryland
  • Levi Sawyer
  • Levi Sebastian
  • Levi Silas
  • Levi Smith
  • Levi Sullivan
  • Levi Sutton
  • Levi Tyler
  • Levi Tyson
  • Levi Walker
  • Levi Weston
  • Levi Xavier


15 One-Syllable Middle Names for Levi

Levi is a short yet beautiful name, so it’s not surprising you’d want a one-syllable middle name to go along with it. So if you have a long last name, it’s a great idea to go with a shorter first and middle name, so it’s not such a mouthful.

  • Levi Ace
  • Levi Banks
  • Levi Brooks
  • Levi Cade
  • Levi Cole
  • Levi Drake
  • Levi Graham
  • Levi Grant
  • Levi Hayes
  • Levi James
  • Levi Nash
  • Levi Pierce
  • Levi Reid
  • Levi Rhett
  • Levi Shane


15 Unique Middle Names for Levi

If you want to ensure your son isn’t sharing the same middle name with half the playground, you likely have considered unique middle names for Levi. While his middle name will probably be on his resume one day, you can get creative as you choose the perfect middle name for your son.

Also, sometimes unique middle names are a variation of the traditional spelling. For example, while it could be a popular name, it doesn’t mean everyone spells it the same way.

  • Levi Atticus
  • Levi Blaze
  • Levi Cruz
  • Levi Dakota
  • Levi Dov
  • Levi Hawk
  • Levi Jasper
  • Levi Onyx
  • Levi Ramsay
  • Levi Slate
  • Levi Sterling
  • Levi Thatcher
  • Levi Tobin
  • Levi Wilder
  • Levi Winter


15 Modern Middle Names for Levi

If you’re looking for something extraordinary, hip, and will get people talking, the list of modern middle names for Levi will keep you reading.

While you might be hesitant to pick a trendy name because his whole class might share it in a few years, there’s no reason why you should second-guess yourself if you fall in love with a name.

  • Levi Axton
  • Levi Bodhi
  • Levi Beckham
  • Levi Chandler
  • Levi Declan
  • Levi Fletcher
  • Levi Forest
  • Levi Jericho
  • Levi Justice
  • Levi Kingston
  • Levi Maverick
  • Levi Saint
  • Levi Scout
  • Levi Watson
  • Levi Zane


15 Classic Middle Names for Levi

Classic middle names are some of the most beautiful names you’ll find. So when I think of the word classic, I think of timeless and never goes out of style, which you can say about the middle names that made this list.

While sometimes you opt for a family name, other classic names fit perfectly with the first name Levi.

  • Levi Alexander
  • Levi Benjamin
  • Levi Charles
  • Levi David
  • Levi Frank
  • Levi Henry
  • Levi Isaac
  • Levi John
  • Levi Joseph
  • Levi Matthew
  • Levi Michael
  • Levi Robert
  • Levi Samuel
  • Levi Theodore
  • Levi William


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